Toyota T-Matics

Toyota makes top-notch forklifts, always has. But now there’s a way to make your Toyota even more valuable to your team: T-Matics. T-Matics MOBILE is a fleet management tool that tracks and reports operating behavior of the forklift and operator. No more wondering how, where, or when your forklift is being used!

How does it work?
Allied can install a device on either new, rental, or existing equipment that transmits usage data via a cellular signal. T-Matics has a full-featured set of monitoring and analytic capabilities that can generate reporting on individual forklifts or an entire fleet. And no software is necessary. T-Matics MOBILE does not require a wi-fi connection. The unit transmits data through a cellular connection and provides users useful web-based reporting. No lengthy downloads or training for your team make this a big plus.

What information can I access?

T-Matics MOBILE reports on utilization, productivity, and maintenance needs of an individual forklift or an entire fleet. Reporting shows when and where impacts happen, making it easier to find out just what’s happening to your equipment. Plus, it works at multiple locations, so the built-in GPS provides instant information on forklift locations. No more wondering where your forklifts are and where or whether they are being used.

What are some of the benefits?

Safety – Creates accountability among forklift operators
Safety – Reduces damaging impacts
Cost Reductions – Helps plan maintenance schedules
Cost Reductions – Automatically notifies Management/ our dealership of forklift problems
Improved Productivity – Provides data needed to effectively manage fleet sizes, material handling operations, and logistics at your workplace
Cost Reductions – Helps prevent over-usage fees
Safety and Productivity – Identifies forklift locations 24/7 and whether they are being used


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