Benefits of Renting a Forklift

The forklift truck is a highly efficient machine used in many industries for the lifting and moving of heavy loads. There are 3 ways a company can acquire a forklift: buy, lease, or rent. Depending on your business needs, owning or leasing a forklift may not be an ideal solution. While generally the more expensive of the 3 ways of acquiring a forklift, renting a forklift often will be the most flexible and economic solution for your business.  In today’s fast paced business environment, many companies recognize the many competitive advantages found in renting a forklift.

  1. 1. Satisfy Temporary Demands
  • Replace equipment that is out of service for a short term
  • Provide additional equipment for a seasonal demand or temporarily increased production
  • Perform a specific job for short time frames such as inventorying
  • Researching new Material Handling processes with new and unfamiliar equipment

2. Increased Flexbility 

  • There is the “no commitment” advantage. You can rent a forklift at any time with the flexibility to return it at any time
  • You can invest your scarce capital funds where needed with no ROI consequences
  • Easy budgeting. One monthly price covers all expenses
  • No worry about adding an additional maintenance burden to your facility

3. Improve Operations

  • Compliant with the latest safety standards
  • Fuel efficient & emissions compliant
  • Latest ergonomic technologies to improve production and warehousing efficiencies
  • Equipped with the precise accessories needed to do your job safely

If you are interested in renting a forklift, call your local Toyota dealership. Be sure to discuss your Material Handling application needs with our Rental Fleet professional to choose the right forklift for your business requirements.  And often have it delivered the same day to your facility.

Want to know more about rentals? Contact Allied Toyota Lift today.