Commitment to Customer Service: Paperless Service System

Allied Toyota Lift has long had a commitment to the customer. Since our inception almost 50 years ago, we’ve stood by our superior products by using the best parts and technicians Toyota has to offer. Not much had changed over those 50 years in the service department…until now.

In 2017, Allied instituted EveryWare, a paperless service system. Saying goodbye to the days of paper work orders and manual updates, the service team now uses tablets and electronic information to manage their day-to-day service requests. Not only can technicians continue to provide that top-notch service you’ve come to expect from Toyota, but now it’s faster, more efficient, and better communicated to every customer we interact with.

The Paperless Service System is a field service solution for smartphones, tablets and laptops which completely integrates with Allied’s equipment management system. Technicians can use this service feeling confident that all the data behind it is up-to-date from Allied’s home office. Not only have the technicians noticed an increase in productivity, but our customers have noticed as well.


Check out just a few of the top benefits of the new paperless system.



Customer benefits of a Paperless Service System:


1.Faster service

  • Electronic work orders – Technicians can easily find work orders in the system. Whether it’s planned maintenance, repairs, or a search by customer name, information is accessed quickly and easily making for a faster service experience.

2.More efficient service

  • No lost paperwork – Because all of the information is electronically stored on the system, there is no more lost paperwork. Gone are the days of writing carbon copy work orders for our customer records.
  • Complete information at hand – Techs have all the information they need at hand. Where a phone call to home office asking for past service history used to be an everyday occurrence, now all it takes is a touch on the tablet for the tech to have everything he needs for the job.

3.Better information

  • Comprehensive equipment information – Everything about the units is accessible on one screen. Equipment information such as hours, warranty information, year, serial numbers, etc. are all easily accessed on one page. No more confusion about equipment details.
  • Complete service history – The unit’s complete service history is saved in one place. Now customers can see exactly what’s been done to each unit and when. What were the hours when it was last serviced? Is there a problem that continues to pop up on a unit? When was its last planned maintenance?
  • Parts history – Now technicians can see every part that has been replaced on a unit and when. Has that bypass hose been replaced more than once? Now we know to take a deep look.
  • Technician history – We can see who has worked on units and when.
  • Reason for service – Was the service for planned maintenance or for something unexpected? This helps build the story of how we can best service customer equipment.

4.Better communication

  • Parts requests – A request can now be done in the system instead of a phone call.
  • System “stories” – Techs can choose from thousands of pre-populated service issues to enter as service stories, cutting down on confusion or handwriting mistakes.

5.More consistent experience

  • Planned maintenance checklist – A checklist ensures equipment’s critical parts and processes are being checked every time.
  • Mandatory customer reviews – When techs review the checklist, customers have the option to reject, quote, or repair each service issue. This decision record is saved into the service history so there’s an exact record of what each customer chose to do and when.
  • Better quotes – With an exact understanding of the problem and parts involved, our quote experts can better address just exactly what needs to be fixed.

6.Faster billing

  • Because we have eliminated paper tracking, we can get you your bill faster. No more waiting on our invoicing department to shuffle around those work orders.

The Paperless Service System has allowed our service team to spend less time on administration and more time on servicing and maintaining our customer’s fleet of equipment. Allied is committed to our customers and this new system is just one more way we show customers how serious we are about service. Just like Toyota’s quality products, this new system is not easily replicated and we are proud to say is a unique way that we can serve our customers.

Find out more about our Paperless Service System or the repair services we offer by contacting Allied Toyota Lift today.