Forklift Abuse

Are you wondering if you have higher than average forklift repair costs? Do your forklifts seem to take a beating by your operators on a day-to-day basis? You may have forklift abuse happening in your workplace.

It’s not easy identifying forklift abuse, but with these tips and observations, you can cut down on costly repairs.

Common Causes of Forklift Abuse:

  • ISSUE: Substandard Floor Conditions
    • Description: Debris on the floor can cause damage throughout the forklift.
    • Tip: Make sure your floors are clean and dedicate a resource to monitoring floor conditions throughout the day.


  • ISSUE: Inappropriate Operating Practices
    • Description: Improper operator behavior such as impacts, pushing pallets, and losing control of your forklift can all lead to costly repairs.
    • Tip: Safety training is a great idea to address inappropriate practices and can help your operatorsunderstand better safety practices.


  • ISSUE: Unsafe lifting and traveling speeds
    • Description: Unsafe traveling speeds can cause accidents both on the floor and by raising heavy loads improperly.
    • Tip: Slow down while lifting loads, going around corners, and make sure to sound your horn.


  • ISSUE: Incorrect Equipment
    • Description: Incorrect equipment can cause premature wear, failures, inefficient usage, and high maintenance fees.
    • Tip: Not sure what equipment you need? Ask an expert to help you figure out exactly what you need for your unique job.


Most cases of forklift abuse can be prevented by properly training your operators with the appropriate safety procedures. Not only is it beneficial to your bottom line, it’s required by  OSHA! Allied Toyota Lift offers a comprehensive listing of onsite safety classes.

Toyota’s proprietary T-Matics system can also be a great monitoring tool for your business. T-Matic
s is a fleet management tool that tracks and reports operating behavior of the forklift and operator. No more wondering how,
where, or when your forklift is being used! Read our blog post here to discover more about our T-Matics program.

Want to find out more? Contact us today or visit our safety training page.