Planned maintenance – What is it?

What’s inspected during planned maintenance?

Toyota’s maintenance plans offer you unmatched peace-of-mind and protection of your investment. Toyota maintenance plans provide ongoing upkeep of your forklifts and help detect any problems before they turn into something that negatively impacts your business. Depending  on the maintenance program you choose – full maintenance or planned maintenance – you can rely on Toyota.

Planned Maintenance gives forklift owners the opportunity to be proactive and budget for repairs. Each time a forklift goes through Planned Maintenance at Toyota, the following things are inspected:

  • Mast, lift chains, forks, hydraulics
  • Running and braking system
  • Control system
  • IC engine or electric motor
  • Vehicle body and safety components

In addition to inspections of the above items, each forklift follows Allied Toyota Lift’s 3-part planned maintenance

1. Operation – Does the technician uncover any issues while the forklift is being operated?

2.Physical Inspection – Does the technician see any wear, tear, or replacements needed?

3.Fluids & Filters – What can the technician check, add, or replace to make sure your forklift is running smoothly?

All of our technicians are insured, certified, and are enrolled in Toyota developed technician classes that focuses on expert trouble shooting techniques that allow for quick identification of a problem and lift truck repair. Should you need to send your equipment to one of our shops for more complex forklift repairs, you can be confident that our state of the art facilities equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment will repair your equipment back to OEM factory specifications quickly.

Planned Maintenance is a thorough inspection made to keep your repair cost low and surprises minimal. For more information on Planned Maintenance, contact Allied Toyota Lift or visit our repair site here.

Look for our next blog post: What are the benefits of planned maintenance?