Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Your forklift works hard. Reward it and keep it working hard for the years ahead.

Planned maintenance isn’t just a reward for your forklift, it is a reward for you. Planned maintenance helps alleviate the stress of surprise break-downs, costing you and your business money. It can also help boost your productivity.

Consider these additional benefits:

  • Helps reduce accidents due to component failure
  • The ability to budget for repairs
  • Better operational availability (The amount of time that the equipment functions as needed)
  • Increased safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Your forklift will be properly maintained on a fixed maintenance schedule giving you the ability to plan ahead and adjust workload schedules
  • Maintenance plans can be financed with your purchase

With Toyota, you can also be rest assured that a technical expert will be servicing your forklift. Toyota has stringent training standards requiring numerous on-line and classroom courses. Training includes planned maintenance (PM) performance, IC and electric motors, mast operations/mechanics, electronic theory/systems, hydraulic concepts, model-specific operations/repair, safety procedures, and advanced diagnostics. The certification curriculum contains over 100 courses representing almost 200 hours of classroom time and another 100 hours of online training. All Allied maintenance/repair personnel have extensive mechanical education/experience before they are hired. They then achieve Toyota Certified Technician status within their first six months on the job and subsequently pursue Master Technician levels. With this level of training and expertise, you have peace of mind that your forklifts will continue to operate safely and with little downtime.


For more information about maintenance plans, contact Allied Toyota Lift today.