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How to Evaluate Labor Rate

Are you looking for the cheapest forklift labor rate out there? Are you shopping for the lowest number? Are you looking at other metrics when you evaluate forklift repair? Let’s explore the right way to evaluate labor rate.  The labor rate is the hourly charge to maintain and repair a forklift. As you might expect,… Read more »

The Unique Allied Toyota Lift Maintenance Plan

Our first two blog posts in the maintenance plan series, Part 1 and Part 2, walked you through what a planned maintenance is and what the benefits are. Our blog series continues this week  with our final planned maintenance post – Allied’s unique planned maintenance process. Each forklift follows Allied Toyota Lift’s 3-part planned maintenance… Read more »

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Your forklift works hard. Reward it and keep it working hard for the years ahead. Planned maintenance isn’t just a reward for your forklift, it is a reward for you. Planned maintenance helps alleviate the stress of surprise break-downs, costing you and your business money. It can also help boost your productivity. Consider these additional benefits: Helps reduce… Read more »

Planned maintenance – What is it?

What’s inspected during planned maintenance? Toyota’s maintenance plans offer you unmatched peace-of-mind and protection of your investment. Toyota maintenance plans provide ongoing upkeep of your forklifts and help detect any problems before they turn into something that negatively impacts your business. Depending  on the maintenance program you choose – full maintenance or planned maintenance –… Read more »

Commitment to Customer Service: Paperless Service System

Allied Toyota Lift has long had a commitment to the customer. Since our inception almost 50 years ago, we’ve stood by our superior products by using the best parts and technicians Toyota has to offer. Not much had changed over those 50 years in the service department…until now. In 2017, Allied instituted EveryWare, a paperless… Read more »