Benefits of Renting a Forklift

The forklift truck is a highly efficient machine used in many industries for the lifting and moving of heavy loads. There are 3 ways a company can acquire a forklift: buy, lease, or rent. Depending on your business needs, owning or leasing a forklift may not be an ideal solution. While generally the more expensive of the 3 ways of acquiring a forklift, renting a forklift often will be the most flexible and economic solution for your business.  In today’s fast paced business environment, many companies recognize the many competitive advantages found in renting a forklift.

  1. 1. Satisfy Temporary Demands
  • Replace equipment that is out of service for a short term
  • Provide additional equipment for a seasonal demand or temporarily increased production
  • Perform a specific job for short time frames such as inventorying
  • Researching new Material Handling processes with new and unfamiliar equipment

2. Increased Flexbility 

  • There is the “no commitment” advantage. You can rent a forklift at any time with the flexibility to return it at any time
  • You can invest your scarce capital funds where needed with no ROI consequences
  • Easy budgeting. One monthly price covers all expenses
  • No worry about adding an additional maintenance burden to your facility

3. Improve Operations

  • Compliant with the latest safety standards
  • Fuel efficient & emissions compliant
  • Latest ergonomic technologies to improve production and warehousing efficiencies
  • Equipped with the precise accessories needed to do your job safely

If you are interested in renting a forklift, call your local Toyota dealership. Be sure to discuss your Material Handling application needs with our Rental Fleet professional to choose the right forklift for your business requirements.  And often have it delivered the same day to your facility.

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The Toyota Value Proposition

Toyota Forklifts = Quality, Durability, Reliability & Value

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When you’re considering various brands of forklifts, you’ll likely consider four key factors: quality, durability, reliability and value. All four of these factors are necessary to make the best investment decision.

Take a look at how Toyota forklifts stand among competitors in these four categories:

  • Quality:

Toyota forklifts are manufactured with the highest attention to detail, using the highest quality parts made by Toyota. If an issue arises while a Toyota forklift is being manufactured, the entire line stops at once and waits for the issue to be resolved before moving on. You would be hard pressed to find a manufacturer that demands the same attention to detail.

  • Durability:

Are your day’s long? Are your forklifts a lifeline for your job? You need something that’s dependable and that can last. Toyota has been ranked as the most durable forklift available by forklift purchasers for 10 years in a row.

  • Reliability:

At Toyota, we understand that you need your forklift to work when you have a job to do. We respect that. Toyota forklifts are proven to offer more up time than any competitor.

  • Value:

When you’re comparing forklifts, you’ll notice Toyota is not the cheapest option up front. However, the real value of a forklift is limiting long-term costs, and that’s where Toyota excels. A Toyota forklift is made with high-quality parts and highly trained workers, which decreases downtime and adds to the value of your forklift.

If you look at these four factors – quality, durability, reliability and value – there’s no question that Toyota is the smart choice.

The Long-Term Value of Toyota

With proper care, your Toyota forklifts will be strong assets for years to come.  You may choose to take advantage of industry-leading residuals with a Toyota Industries Commercial Finance (TICF) lease or you may decide that purchasing a new forklift is best for you because you plan on using it indefinitely. Both long and short-term rentals provide needed solutions to thousands of forklift customers across North America each year, particularly during peak seasons. A trusted Toyota Certified Technician is never more than a phone call away and your Toyota forklift dealer is one of the best in the business.  From production using the world-renowned Toyota Production System to delivery through Toyota’s own Delivery Experience program to lifetime use, Toyota is interested in you, your business and your needs. Toyota is value and we want to be your partner for life.

As you can see, the Toyota total value story is unique only to Toyota.  Toyota forklifts are manufactured to perform, to be reliable and durable and to be a long-term value for you and your business.

Now that’s a story of total value — total value that lasts.

Need help choosing the right forklift? Find the right forklift for your needs here.

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Why Use Toyota Genuine Parts?

Keep your Toyota a real Toyota. 

Toyota’s aftermarket quality control system makes certain that every Toyota component is constructed to the same tolerances and strict quality control standards as the part it replaces. To achieve optimum performance and maximum trade-in value for your investment, keep your Toyota a real Toyota with Toyota Genuine Parts.

5 Advantages of Toyota Genuine Parts:

1 You’ll get a longer warranty. Toyota Genuine Parts warranties are one-year vs. six months with a non-genuine part. Plus, if you have a Toyota Genuine Part fail during that time and a Toyota Certified Technician installed it for you, we’ll pay for the parts and labor. That’s right, labor is covered!

You know you’re getting the same great quality. If you use Toyota Genuine Parts on your forklift for no other reason, do it because you know the quality is just as high as that Toyota you researched and purchased.

3 Your forklift was made using them.  

4 The technicians working on your forklift are trained to work on Toyota Genuine Parts.

5 Not using them can cost you in the long run. Though generic or “will-fit” parts are less expensive on the front end, only Toyota Genuine Parts are engineered to keep your Toyota forklifts running longer and more efficiently, decreasing downtime and constant replacements.  Will-fit parts are generally manufactured to lessor standards and will fail prematurely requiring replacement twice as often as Genuine Toyota Parts.  With labor cost so expensive in any repair invoice no business can afford that extra expense. And the extra downtime is very expensive.

Built to Perform

When you purchase a Toyota forklift, you purchase from the world’s top selling brand. For 10 years in a row, forklift buyers have named Toyota forklifts the best in quality, durability, reliability and overall value.  Toyota forklifts come off the manufacturing line packed full of Toyota Genuine Parts.  Toyota Genuine Parts are the core of Toyota forklifts and the reason for their high quality, extreme durability, mind-at-ease reliability and financially-friendly best overall value.  Every time you use a generic, will-fit part, you take away a little bit of what makes a Toyota forklift a real Toyota.  To keep your forklift running as efficiently as possible, only use Toyota Genuine Parts from your local Toyota forklift dealer.


You bought your Toyota forklift for a reason. You know the brand and you know Toyota’s reputation for performance. Toyota Genuine Parts are made with the exact same care, quality materials and attention to detail as the forklifts are. Our forklifts are made with Toyota Genuine Parts!




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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – Aichi Scissor Lifts: A Toyota Industries Company

Toyota is known for their quality forklifts, but did you know you can get that very same quality from a Toyota aerial lift? Aichi, a Toyota company, has been around for over 50 years and in March 2017, Toyota announced a re-launch of the Aichi aerial lift line. Toyota’s aerial lifts remain true to brand with their quality, durability, reliability and overall value (QDRV). Quality is the hallmark of Toyota’s world-renowned Toyota Production System, which is practiced at all Toyota manufacturing facilities. Thought you knew everything about the aerial lift market? Think again…

Meet Aichi, a Toyota Industries Company…

AICHI Sharyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1962. Over the course of the 1960s, AICHI developed derricks and aerial work platforms, the latter of which has earned AICHI a global reputation for quality. Renamed AICHI Corporation in 1992, we continued to develop new technologies to create innovative aerial work platforms in the 21st century.

With a growing global presence and a loyal customer base, AICHI gained the attention of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) as one of the most dependable aerial work platform manufacturers in the world. Such an excellent product presented an opportunity to join two companies with closely shared values, and AICHI officially became a subsidiary of TICO in 2003.

Today, our customers often have needs for both Toyota forklifts and aerial maintenance equipment such as AICHI Scissor Lifts. Following our dedication to customer service, Toyota launched the sale of AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts across its industry leading North American dealer network in March, 2017. With the Toyota dealer network, AICHI continues to provide excellent aerial lift products and services to North American customers.

Scissor Lift Sizes for All Your Tall Tasks

The five models of the AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift offer working heights of 25, 26, 32, and 38 feet. Working height is calculated by adding six feet to platform extended height. The versatile offerings can be maneuvered through your facilities to reach up and across obstacles.

Scissor Lift Safety: Secure Your Reach

Standard featur
es of the Aichi Scissor Lift help meet operators’ safety needs. Pothole protectors reduce ground clearance of the scissor lift and limit unwanted movement if the vehicle is driven into a hole while the platform is elevated. An anti-rollback function keeps the lift in place if stopped on a ramp, and controlled descent automatically slows the unit down when travelling down a grade.

All AICHI scissor lifts also come standard with a tilt alarm, drive and lift cut out, and reduced travel speed when the platform is elevated to further promote your operator’s safety.

Innovative Scissor Lift Parts: AC Drive Motor

AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts are powered by industry-leading AC Lift and Drive Motors. The unique brushless design limits maintenance needs so that you can keep working longer. Their dependable operation sips energy from four 6 volt, 225 AH deep cycle batteries, leading to improved efficiency compared to competitors. The time saved on charging and maintenance intervals make AICHI Scissor Lifts a dependable offering for your access needs.





  • Durable construction: Steel-constructed panels and powder-coated pain make the E-Series Scissor Lifts built to last.
  • Platform extension: Additional platform length allows operators to safely reach across fixed objects.
  • Tilt alarm: Alerts operators to unsafe working conditions and limits platform movement until safe operation is restored.
  • Fold-down guardrails: Folding guardrails allow for larger models to pass through doorways and under other low obstacles.
  • Dual operational modes: Additional operating modes provide increased platform capacity at lower heights for flexible use.
  • Upper control box: Flexible operation controls offers to two mounting positions or remote use while off of the scissor lift.


  • Aerial Lift Safety Training classes are required by OSHA every 2 years.
  • Aerial Lift Safety Inspections are required by OSHA on an annual basis.

Allied Toyota Lift is certified to conduct and certify OSHA training as well as make annual aerial lift inspections.


Want to know more? Contact Allied Toyota Lift today for more information on pricing and features.

Toyota T-Matics

Toyota makes top-notch forklifts, always has. But now there’s a way to make your Toyota even more valuable to your team: T-Matics. T-Matics MOBILE is a fleet management tool that tracks and reports operating behavior of the forklift and operator. No more wondering how, where, or when your forklift is being used!

How does it work?
Allied can install a device on either new, rental, or existing equipment that transmits usage data via a cellular signal. T-Matics has a full-featured set of monitoring and analytic capabilities that can generate reporting on individual forklifts or an entire fleet. And no software is necessary. T-Matics MOBILE does not require a wi-fi connection. The unit transmits data through a cellular connection and provides users useful web-based reporting. No lengthy downloads or training for your team make this a big plus.

What information can I access?

T-Matics MOBILE reports on utilization, productivity, and maintenance needs of an individual forklift or an entire fleet. Reporting shows when and where impacts happen, making it easier to find out just what’s happening to your equipment. Plus, it works at multiple locations, so the built-in GPS provides instant information on forklift locations. No more wondering where your forklifts are and where or whether they are being used.

What are some of the benefits?

Safety – Creates accountability among forklift operators
Safety – Reduces damaging impacts
Cost Reductions – Helps plan maintenance schedules
Cost Reductions – Automatically notifies Management/ our dealership of forklift problems
Improved Productivity – Provides data needed to effectively manage fleet sizes, material handling operations, and logistics at your workplace
Cost Reductions – Helps prevent over-usage fees
Safety and Productivity – Identifies forklift locations 24/7 and whether they are being used


Interested in learning more about the Toyota T-Matics program? Contact Allied Toyota Lift today.

When should you replace your forklift tires? Here’s what to look for.

Thousands of dollars ride on your choice of industrial tires. Why risk expensive downtime, equipment damage, or even employee injuries riding on worn-out or damaged tires? Here’s a few issues to watch for.

Normal Wear/Replacement:

Most press-on tires with normal wear should be replaced when the tire surface reaches the top of the letters on the sidewall.

Keep your Toyota tires running perfectly

Other Issues to Look For:

  • Speed/Distance Issues
  • Load Issues
  • Equipment Mechanical Issues
  • Application/Environment Issues


Before starting to diagnosis your tire issues, ask yourself these questions.

Questions to Ask

  • Forklift Make & Model?
  • Distance of travel?
  • Load, with maximum payload & empty?
  • Speed, with maximum payload & empty?
  • Tire compound used?
  • Special attachments on mast?
  • Indoor/outdoor use and surface conditions?
  • Time required for failure?
  • One side of truck? Both sides?
  • Has anything changed?


Your tires can wear in many different ways indicating different usage problems. Which bucket does your equipment fall in?



Radial Cracking


Overload. Loads exceeding the rated capability of the tire.


  • 1 inch wider tire
  • Special compound tires

*Steer tire overload occurs when the lift truck is UNDER loaded







Check the baseband. Look for a point of impact.




When “some” rubber is left on the band, it’s usually caused by heat/weight, not bond failure. If it’s “clean”, it’s a bond failure.





Possible Causes

  • Overloading
  • Dock plates
  • Littered or rough floors, other surfaces such as gravel, asphalt, etc.
  • Aggressive driving causing wheel spin during start up, hard braking


  • Driver Education
  • Wider Tire
  • Better Compound



Questions about your forklift tires? Contact Allied Toyota Lift today.


*All images from Toyota Lift of Minnesota