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The Toyota Value Proposition

Toyota Forklifts = Quality, Durability, Reliability & Value Material Handling Best Practices, Tips, Information and More from Toyota   When you’re considering various brands of forklifts, you’ll likely consider four key factors: quality, durability, reliability and value. All four of these factors are necessary to make the best investment decision. Take a look at how… Read more »

Toyota T-Matics

Toyota makes top-notch forklifts, always has. But now there’s a way to make your Toyota even more valuable to your team: T-Matics. T-Matics MOBILE is a fleet management tool that tracks and reports operating behavior of the forklift and operator. No more wondering how, where, or when your forklift is being used! How does it… Read more »

When should you replace your forklift tires? Here’s what to look for.

Thousands of dollars ride on your choice of industrial tires. Why risk expensive downtime, equipment damage, or even employee injuries riding on worn-out or damaged tires? Here’s a few issues to watch for. Normal Wear/Replacement: Most press-on tires with normal wear should be replaced when the tire surface reaches the top of the letters on… Read more »