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A quality approach to cleaning is the commitment we make to every one of our customers. Along with each machine comes pride, craftsmanship, innovative technology, professional expertise and an international network of parts, maintenance and service support professionals.

Reducing the Cost to Clean

Every aspect of our business revolves around creating cleaning solutions that generate superior cleaning results, increase productivity and reduce the cost of ownership. The result is superior cleaning products that drive down the cost of cleaning. The pride we take in production and service will become your pride of ownership when you buy Advance equipment. - At Advance, we are defining cleaning innovation.


Nilfisk, Inc.'s fundamental attitude to the working environment and pollution is in accordance with the first principle of the United Nations conference declaration on Environment and Development (Rio, 1992): "People are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature."


Keeping your equipment working effectively is essential for superior cleaning. Advance provides manufacturing parts and components through Nilfisk Parts to help keep your Advance products working at peak performance. Our parts are designed and built for our machines so they can be counted on to maintain our machines. They are value priced and quality built. By choosing Nilfisk Parts, you can be certain you're getting the quality part you need for your machine.

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